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Through this ReDirection Program you have entered a new area where there is no path yet. Now it is your job to start making the area you are in, into a new path which will lead you toward a meaningful and good life.

This can only be achieved through concrete actions. You will now have to walk towards your goal on your path repeatedly to strengthen it. You are going to have to resist temptations many times during this. In those moments, however, it is important to stop for a moment, show compassion toward yourself and try to remember your values and goals. You are at a crossroad where you can either choose the old or the new direction.

After the program

1. My pathway to CSAM

Various underlying factors and motivations form a path towards your use of CSAM, by triggering thoughts and emotions that lead you to harmful behavior. In the exercises, you will be asked to reflect on your own life and values, as well as other perspectives on the use of CSAM.

What is a self-help program?

  • it is based on treatments that have been shown to be effective in treatment

  • it consists of different sections

  • it includes information and exercises to help you manage your everyday life and symptoms

Motivation to Change

Would you like to share your experience of looking for help?

Complete this ‘Motivation to Change’ survey and help us to understand the challenges that you face.

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